Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A tribute to the Friend

This blog shall have only this one post. Leave your comments in remembrance of the great storm. She was a friend to all, well most. She loved the world and could bake like nobody i know. She was able to touch the souls of many before leaving us in the Festival of the Moon. She will always be remembered here, as a great friend to us all. We all loved her in one way or another, and i know she loved us all.

Forever Rembering

-A friend


  1. STORRRRRRRRMMMMM!!!!!!NOT STORRRRRM!! BUT BUT BUT I NEEEED HER. She's one of my bestest friends!

  2. aww... this is depressing. how sad!!! this is a good tribute. WE'LL ALL MISS YOU STORM!!!

  3. ...I love you were the best flockmate and friend in the world...

  4. ...thanks Ray. (TOTALLY JUST KIDDING...)